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If the bible might be considered a guide to life, one might actually need a roadmap to find the version most suitable for the average pilgrim. There’s some really extraordinary single book translations by people with literary backgrounds.

A quick guide to the most common Bibles. Translation

Is often clear and easy to read.


Which version of the bible should i read reddit. Has tried to keep an emphasis on literary beauty, making it a good translation for reading in church. The american standard version (asv) is an english translation of the bible, designed to update and revise the 1611 king james bible. 100s of bible verses not heard in church.

The most easily understood bible is the new world translation. I am born to a hindu family, who are very supportive of my decision. I want to tell you about these.

The translations we have are done very technically and from my limited experience reading biblical hebrew a lot of the art is lost. 100s of bible verses not heard in church. Taylor, who began this version to help his own children understand the new testament letters of paul.

But that's just like, my opinion man. Ad true belief in jesus christ. I've always felt like a connection to christ instead of the ones i grew up praying to.

Regardless of the bible version you choose, the most important factor is that you actually use it. Ad true belief in jesus christ. Also the wording in new world translation is not easier to understand and follow where is a lot of older bibles like the king james use turns of phrases that are no longer in current use.

I live in india, what should i do? The four most popular of these are, in my opinion, the didache bible, the ignatius study bible, the word on fire bible, and the great adventure catholic bible. The living bible (tlb), published in 1971, is a popular paraphrased version written by kenneth n.

Consider buying a version with wide margins that will allow you to add notes from your personal study over the coming years. The work became popular in seminaries of the time. What are your scriptural sources that you've prayerfully considered in making this.

One of the few translations that tries to balance literal translation with an emphasis on meaning. These different versions of the bible are part of god’s work to get his word to us. Literal translations of the bible.

The subreddit dedicated to the understanding, discussion of, and loving of the bible in all its greatness and everything it has to offer. Thus the new english bible of 1970 is now the revised english bible of 1989. Many fields of learning require reading outside of the bible.

A bible should be considered an investment in which a little more expense up front will pay off in the long run. Which version of bible should i read? The revised standard version of 1952 is the new revised standard version of 1990.

I'd recommend the king james version with good annotations and footnotes. No (1978), yes (2011) often stated pros of the translation: The work began in 1870 and was published in 1901 by thomas nelson and sons.

It was translated directly from original source, and very poetic to read. Icon version of the flipboard logo. Join us to learn more about what makes the holy bible so great, ask questions on the bible, and be part of a community of bible lovers like us!

Though christians are called to focus on appropriate and helpful concepts (philippians 4:8), many inspirational books, biographies, and fiction novels can be enjoyable books that provide rest, creative thinking, or encouragement. As language changes, so will our translations of god’s unchanging truth. Many have grown up using this translation, even. should understand the difference between a bible translation and a bible paraphrase. Bad translations kill a book and the bible is no exception. I (f19) have been interested in converting to christianity since i was six or seven years old.

We can also read for leisure or entertainment. Where many other bibles have gods name removed and replaced with the words lord or god put in its place. Three popular bible versions that are paraphrases are the message, the living bible, and the amplified bible.

How do i choose a bible? Posted by47 minutes ago should a christian woman wear a bikini?

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