How To Attract Deer To Your Stand


The american whitetail is an elusive animal, and many of us have spent all morning and afternoon waiting for our quarry only to be irritated that we didn’t see a single one. If the deer don’t eat them… well, they go great in a lot of recipes.

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Mixing the apples with the feed will attract the deer to come feed on your property.


How to attract deer to your stand. This is a natural deer attractant that also drives the deer crazy thus helping you with your hunting activities. Apart from attracting the deer, this attractant also has the ability to cover your scent so that the deer won’t be able to sense your presence. If you are on a low budget, you can consider an alternative solution.

If you are seeing consistant activity in a certain area, check the wind, check for a good tree with cover, and move the stand. Deer are fond of sweet apples! The lure makes deer follow the trail laid by you and aids in positioning the deer for a clean shot.

Y ou’ve made the decision to start providing your deer herd with supplemental nutrition. Maximize your deer season with this 2017 whitetails calendar! Watching deer roam in your yard can make you feel as if you are living in a natural paradise.

Cider and apple salt blocks can also be effective for luring in deer already in the area. Give them a shot, they’re sure to attract your prey. Instead, plant each plot with a different species or blend.

Once you know how to attract deer to your feeder, you can begin patterning them in time for hunting season. However, this strategy is quite intensive and expensive too. If hunting on your own land, building small food plots will definitely attract deer.

Here’s how to do it. Planting food plots and establishing feeders are the two most effective ways for you to attract deer to your land. Mule deer have a highly advanced sense of smell, so ensure to mask your scent either with mule deer odor products or scent eliminating products and choose a hunting spot that is downwind of the deer.

From deer & deer hunting magazine, the 2017 whitetails calendar is your top deer hunting resource! H ealth y does birth fawns with a better chance of survival. This is also one of the cheapest and best homemade deer attractants.

Utilizing deer attractants in your hunting strategy will increase your odds of success, and your enjoyment of the hunt. Lures like buck urine, doe urine, and estrus urine are most effective scents to attract deer to your stand. The term “deer attractant” is a generic term, and it can en compass a wide variety of tools and methods that are proven to attract deer into a certain area.

If all else fails, there’s plenty of recipes readily available online that can help you find the perfect mix of ingredients in order to attract your deer. Deer are drawn to crops that are high in protein, such as kale, turnips, soybeans, peas, and alfalfa. Does will move around between these plots to eat, while bucks will do the same and use.

However, planting an effective food plot goes beyond just throwing some seeds in an unused corner of your land and hoping for. Some of the means to attracting deer to a specific spot include. That way, if one species doesn’t develop or gets wiped out too soon, you can count on others to still attract deer during bow hunting season.

Once you have found the perfect place to set. Because deer are skittish creatures that require a specific environment, they can be difficult to attract. Whether in print or digital format, use this deer moon phase calendar to find out which days the deer will be seeking and chasing, so you can time the rut for the best time to hunt.

Deer are hungry after all, and a luscious patch of clover or soybeans will ensure that they keep coming back. If you prefer to stay where you are, you can try some scent or bait if conditions are right. As most hunters are aware, deer are attracted to salt and mineral blocks.

Using deer lure helps attract deer from a reasonable distance to the stand. How to attract deer to your stand before you start attracting deer to your stand, keep a single goal in mind: The other key to food plot success is diversity.

Plant these to attract, keep more deer on your land. I'd say try moving the stand to the deer instead. A mix of plants that include clover and grasses, like wheat, oats and rye, will attract deer.

‘to not let the deer know they are being lured’. That’s an important step in maintaining a healthy population of whitetails as spring is a crucial time for deer development. Don’t plant your property all in one type of plant.

When it comes to attracting wildlife to your land, food plots are one of the most effective methods out there. The same strategy will work for alfalfa and other forage near your stand. If you own your own land, or have access to a willing friend’s, then you can definitely make the best of things.

Install a deer crossing sign. Planting fruit trees, such as apples, pears and plums, can provide hunters with a deer magnet for early season hunting. If you have other deer food trees such as apples or beechnut, or other foods such as honeysuckle, fertilize those in the spring.

Let’s face it, we all want to attract deer, fast.

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