Best Wood For Car Trailer Deck


The wood deck with out question has better traction than the steel, i had to be in 4wd lots of times to even get onto the steel deck with muddy tires. It also makes the deck safer to walk on and improves load securement.

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It is really a great sealer.


Best wood for car trailer deck. Do it on a hot sunny day and let the wood get all the sun. You also would want to buy the lumber then put it somewhere dry stack it up with wood spacers. 2 1 long torx trailer floor and wall liner for acq.

I have done this to many everytime Add an additional upcharge of $0.80 per lineal foot for 15+ foot lengths. This year were are going to reseal it.

Apitong trailer decking truck floors. Please enter your contact information and one of our representatives will get back to you with more information. Cargo flooring reclaimed tractor trailer floors good wood nashville.

It is the best because of its density, durability and long life expectancy. 2022 load trail ch 20 x 83 tandem axle wood floor car hauler. Sealing the deck including edges, with an oil based sealer/stain is recommended before fitting to the trailer to give the deck its best chance of a long and useful life.

Decking sold in even and odd lengths between 6' to 18'. Let them sook in really well serveral hot days. The most common species in use today are hardwood apitong which is also known as keruing, american red and white oak, and softwood southern yellow pine.

The wood deck looks as if it has never had any maintenance or sealant or stain. What is the best way to treat my wood deck. Any clear coat that’s applied to wood (for example thomsons water seal) is worthless in keeping the wood from softening, and eventually rotting, from sunlight.

The standard is provided below, but to oversimplify the statute in the cfr, a trailer floor needs to be well constructed with no holes, tight enough to minimize the ability of gases and fire. Apitong is one of the most popular exotic hardwood species that comes out of south east asia. I bought a used 2005 big tex trailer a little over two years ago.

Pressure wash all the wood. 2 1 long torx trailer floor and wall liner for acq. It will soak up the oil and the wood will become tougher.

Angelim pedra 1 5/16″ x 7″ trailer decking. That plastic lumber is too heavy i looked into it for a truck deck its heavier than steel. Since the entire surface is rubber, it will also age better than a typical trailer deck.

They are the professionals and they know what is best. Phenolic coated plywood designed for and predominately used in the trucking industry for truck and trailer decking, phenolic coated plywood is gaining popularity with the light. I have had it on a trailer deck for 4 years now.

Add $1.00 per lineal foot for 19' & 20' lengths. It is a common specie of wood and has been used for truck trailer components since the 1960's. 1979 toyota ls1, th400, stak 3 speed, d60/14 bolt, 42 irok's.

Keruing or genuine apitong is the name given to approximately 70 species of dipterocarpus throughout southeast asia. Works great and fairly cheep. 7 trailer wood decking options.

When sold in the outer deck configuration, blackwood is slightly cheaper than rough oak and more expensive than rough oak for a full deck. Mix them together and aply with a roller. Here is how i protect my car hauler boards.

Many different species of wood have been used for truck trailer flooring. Bob recommended a solid body exterior stain, or latex paint, as the best shield against uv and the wood breaking down. Take 1 gallon of use motor oil and 1 gallon of deisel fuel.

Sealing trailer deck with used motor oil and sel mixture lawnsite. They all choose apitong / keruing. I left, by accident a coiled up log chain on the front of my wood deck trailer, drove from greenville sc, to winston and it was still there when i went to unload.

Trailer decking apitong shiplap rough boards truck flooring. Treated 2×6 is probably the best you can use and slather the crap out the end cuts with that juice. A guide to trailer deck options.

It is quieter, and lighter also. For the past 25 years, asian keruing or apitong trailer decking has been a top choice for trailers across north america. I would go with a 1/2 and 1/2 of linseed oil and thinner.

2021 lamar 7×18 7000# wood deck car hauler trailer * charcoal * removable fenders * extra stake pockets * 5 channel frame * cold weather harness * rear ramps. I' like to put some color in it also. The best way to protect the deck is to stain it and then put expanded metal over it, it gives you a decent amount of traction, especially if wet, and the surface last much longer under heavy use and teh dropping of objects.

The legal requirement for trailer flooring in the code of federal regulations (cfr) is not a difficult standard to meet. The trailer is 1 year old and i want to make it last. We can pull your order to specific lengths.

The wood is still good but it is showing its age. Apitong hardwood trailer decking is traditionally sold as solid plank flooring in shiplap form and comes in varying thicknesses and widths. You can get treated that is brown over the usual green.

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